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Victory Funeral Services

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Headstone and Monument Accessories

The Victory Stone

Understanding Cemetery Wireless Technology

Victory Funeral Services

offers a granite microchip for cemetery headstones made from a premium grade of black granite. Its internal electronics allow compatible smart phones to access its data simply by one touch. (pat. pend.)

We also offer an aluminum embossed QR Code that can be scanned using your smartphone as well. This technology is also embedded in a table and obelisk that will be mentioned later in this article.

Our stones are a granite microchip that attaches to a headstone, grave marker or other cemetery monument. It's purpose is to preserve the obituary or story of those that have passed. Upon the stones discovery a user may access the stones information by simply touching a compatible smart phone to its surface* or by manual entry for all other internet enabled cell phones.

The QR code can be scanned with your smartphone on our Aluminum product.The result is the presentation of one picture, one story and one geographic grid coordinate map, all related to the monument subject matter.

Your story, one photo and a geo-location map completes the beautiful tribute.

Write a Story

After purchasing, the buyer will receive instructions and account credentials to the Data Archive at the email address provided during purchase.

It is from Data Archive that you may write a story or using the existing obituary for yourself or family member from the comfort of home.

You may choose the option to allow a Victory Funeral Services representative to handle all the steps for you.

On-Event Activation

Data Archive has a unique feature that allows for On-Event publishing of the story you create. This feature allows a story to be written today and activated on-event of passing. Once activated the archiving process will begin and the story will be available directly from the matching microchip or QR Code.

Add One Picture

Historical and Genealogical Record

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge photos)

Add one picture to your data file at Data Archive. The long-term preservation of a historical or genealogical record without any renewal fee is made possible by maintaining a small and portable data object - the data file.

The data file currently consists of text, one photo and one geographic grid coordinate location. Additional photos, audio and video file formats are not included in the archiving process; however, we can provide a link to other photos if desired.

Assign Location

Each stone or QR Code can be assigned a physical location by grid coordinates anywhere in the world by simply clicking a spot on the GeoLocation map within Data Archive.

GeoLocation is a standard feature for all of our products and this information is archived along with the stones story and picture.


The MIcrochip is the industry leader in monument technology with such features as wireless Touch-to-Stone allowing any NFC/RFID enabled handset to access the stones associated information simply by touch.

For users that do not have an NFC enabled smart phone the same information can be accessed by manual entry of the URL (channel) and ID number (hardlink) found on the face of the product.


Once the story has been authored the process is complete and no other action or maintenance is required.

Unlike competing memorial technology products, there is no after-sale rental fee, data maintenance fee, data service fee, data storage or renewal fee associated with our microchip products.

You may at anytime order a print version of your archive. The print version is a 50 page hard bound book with the archived persons name printed on the front cover. This book includes the archived picture and map. Any remaining blank pages in the book will be titled as 'note' pages.

Best of all, all archive print orders have their own unique publishers ID.

*Applies only to natural stone products and not aluminum or QR code products.


How To Install a Granite Microchip on a Grave Marker

  • If you are purchasing a D106 product then you have the option of installing the product yourself using the included 3M VHB or our stone epoxy available separately. If you are purchasing a new headstone from a monument builder they can, in most cases, install the product for you. Please note that professional monument builders have installation options and some products that are not available for the do-it-yourselfer. If you need assistance with either option please contact us, we are happy to help.

How Do I Create a Story For My Stone

  • You will receive detailed instructions after receiving your emailed access credentials at time of purchase. It is from this location that you may enter over 1000 words of text (10,000 for professional grade products), a single photo and global grid coordinates of the stones physical location.

What Happens When I Touch my Cell Phone to the Stone

  • Touching any compatible NFC enabled phone to the surface of a our Stones will return the stones associated information including including the story and picture.
  • If your phone is not NFC-enabled you can still access the same information manually by using the URL (channel) shown on face of the stone tablet or disk.

What is NFC

  • NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it is a short-range wireless connectivity technology standard format related to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). NFC is included as a standard data access method on Personal Stone products.

What Cell Phones Will a Stone Work With

  • You can access a Stone's associated data file with any Internet-enabled cell phone by manual entry of the stones URL and ID number. Only NFC-enabled smart phones, such as the Google / Samsung Nexus S, can access the Stone's microchip Touch-to-Stone™ functionality. The global adoption and availability of new NFC technology is on a significant upswing with dozens of new phone offerings expected in 2012 and beyond from manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson and Toshiba, to name a few.

Does the Victory Stone use Short Message Service (SMS)

  • No. There has never been any Stone product that has used text messaging.

Is There a Subscription or Any Renewal Fee With This Product

  • No renewal fee of any kind, which is one of our products greatest features. A Victory Stone is a one time purchase and unlike many competing technology-based products there is no subscription, renew or recurring fee of any kind. Our content is archived, there is no renewal, ever.

Do I Need to Install Any Software on My Phone to Use This Product

  • No. Unlike competing products, there is no need to download any special reader software or phone App to use a Victory Stone natural stone product.

Is There a Battery Inside of a Victory Stone

  • No. The internal microchip(s) uses the phones own magnetic field to power up long enough to communicate and then returns to a dormant state, all in less than one second.

How to Purchase

  • You can purchase directly from our online via email with payment on PayPal, credit or debit card or contact us. For assistance, email support at [email protected] or call 903-988-1122.

How Long For Delivery

  • Normal delivery time for a Stone disk is about seven business days. Normal delivery for a Obelisk or tablet is about four weeks after approval of proof. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more urgent needs.

Stone Purchase Include

  • Your purchase includes both the stone product and the mobile ready archive.
  • The best assurance in business. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, product warranty, Forever Guarantee and our exceptional customer support.
  • Access credentials to the heart of our system, the Stone™ Data Archive. It is from this access point that you may archive and edit the stone's related digital information.
  • Product box or other holder, when applicable.
  • Double sided 3M VHB indoor / outdoor surface mounting adhesive strip (D106 products).
  • Optional accessories may be available as a promotion or at an additional cost including mounting epoxy.

How to Install a Stone Product

  • A do-it-yourself 3M brand peel and stick / adhesive mount option is available for the Victory Stone disk D106.
  • Use our Clear Gel Epoxy for a permanent mount for any of our natural stone products. It is available in our store; for options or contact us for assistance.
  • All Stone products can be professionally installed as an inset flush with the monument surface. See your local monument builder or contact us for assistance.

What is the Stone Warranty and Guarantee

  • Each Stone comes with the best assurance in the industry starting with a 30 day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you do not agree that your Stone offers the best available technology, archiving and genealogical reference for a cemetery gravestone or you are not satisfied for any other reason we will refund 100% of your purchase price, minus shipping and handling.
  • Each Stone tablet comes with a 1 year limited liability warranty against manufacturing and performance defects.
  • Each Stone tablet comes with a 'Forever' guarantee, which is a separate fractional fee guarantee, beginning one year after date of purchase. The Forever guarantee survives from generation to generation available to anyone that is in possession of the Data Archive credentials assigned to a specific stone product. There is no requirement to present a receipt or show proof of purchase to exercise this guarantee. The fractional fee of this guarantee is 15% of the current regular retail price and covers all product repair and service described below in to perpetuity / forever.
  • The Forever guarantee is honored by repairing, refunding, replacing with equivalent or current product, at our sole discretion. When repairable, we will correct any technology defect or natural weathering and environmental degradation. We will re-burn / code electronics as needed, refresh the stone face, inspect, repair, polish and or hone stone disk or tablets to factory specifications as needed, when replacement is not required.
  • The Stone warranty and Forever guarantee does not cover vandalism or modification, breakage caused by prying, dropping or any cause of blunt force damage.
  • The warranty and guarantee are considered void when tampering of the internal electronics has occurred or aftermarket modifications to the tablet have been made.
  • The warranty and Forever guarantee do not cover shipping charges to our facility, any on-site repair or service, stone removal from a memorial marker or custom modifications.

Where is The Stone Made

  • The Stone Microchip products are made in the Southwestern United States.

What are the Dimensions of a Personal Stone

  • The granite tablet is approximately 2.4 X 4.0 X 0.3 or 60mm X 101mm X 7mm
  • The granite disk is approximately 56mm in diameter and 6mm thick.

What Inspired the Name and Logo

  • The logo is that of the mythical bird, the Phoenix, after our city of origin, Phoenix, Arizona.


Although upon purchase the owner can simply purchase the stone or QR code and add the information to the website at no additional cost; we offer the following services:

A Victory Granite Tablet, is a one-time expense of $199.00

A Victory Microchip, is a one-time expense of $199.00

A Victory QR Tag, is a one-time expense of $50.00

Designing pages and uploading information is $25.00 per page. Updates and changes are charged at the same rate.

The owner can install the code on the headstone or our installation of stones and QR Codes at cemetery fee is $100.00 within 25 miles of the funeral home. Mileage fees apply after the 26th mile.

Embedded stones require installation by headstone dealer.

Keepsake key rings with photo and QR code -- $6.00 each.

(Photo of deceased on one side and QR code on the reverse.)

Note: The owner of the page is responsible for furnishing all information that is to be uploaded to the website.


Product Symbols

When shopping look for the following product symbols to quickly recognize included features on our products.


Identifies product as NFC-RFID enabled.


Archived at Monument Data Archive Network™ and Internet Archive™     


Identifies product as having an archive print order option.